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Sharing Pride to your Ride

In 1999, We struggled like everybody else to service and repair our personal cars due to the lack of good BMW garages. Moreover, the local dealership service costs us a fortune each time we take a car there!

Therefore, we decided to work on our BMW/Mini cars at our home garage. Friends and others trust our clean work and how fast we identify the real root cause of any problem without change any unnecessary parts. This is how we built our reputation. Cars and motorcycles tuning came along together since 2006. We have had a winning career from the national auto-cross races to the car motor shows.

Now, over 19 years of experience, custom tuning, and certified Engineering. Finally, we decided to establish an Automotive Engineering Service Center based in Dammam, KSA. We oer first-class automotive and motorcycles Service & Tuning.

Shaft automotive engineering service uses OEM Service standards with OEM approved tools carried by passionate mechanics and engineers to deliver high-end quality professional service. Integrity & Quality are our values to exceed customer's expectations with reasonable costs.

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